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15 million dollar auction

15 million  dollar auction

The Dubai Helitrope company were the declared winners of the auction for the spectacular castle of Sammezzano (FI) with their successful bid of 15,4 million euros.This stunning castle is in Leccio,in the district of Reggello ,Florence.It has been in a state of disrepair for a number of years, and the search for a potential buyer with an eye to restoring this property to its former glory has been on- going for quite a while.
This 18th century Moor –inspired castle, which used to belong to the Ximenes D’Aragona family,boasts splendid mosaics and domed ceilings with intersecting arches .It was Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes D’Aragona himself in the second part of the 1800’s who transformed the already existing building into what it is today,following the fashion of that period for oriental –style design.At the end of the 1990’s an Italo English company set their sights on it with plans to transform it into a luxury hotel,however these plans fell through.Although it is not yet known what the owners of the Dubai company intend to do with their new purchase,the authorities were really happy with the outcome of the auction.
A lot of people look for a prestigious property or country residence with the specific aim of starting a hotel business, and there is nothing new about this. What is important however is that foreign investors regard Italy – and Tuscany in particular- as an ideal place to make an investment of this kind.Would you like to buy or sell a luxury property?Get in touch with the experts,get in touch with Tamagnini Immobiliare.

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