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Sienese food culture

Sienese food culture

An important trading post ,Siena is one of the best places in Tuscany for food lovers .
One of the most appreciated products is ‘’pici ‘’ pasta , thick hand-made spaghetti -like ribbons which come from the Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana areas, and is best enjoyed with an ‘’aglione ‘’ sauce made of garlic and olive oil.
Another dish is ‘’ribollita’’ , a hearty soup with lentils and dark green cabbage . It is said that the more it is reheated, the better it gets .Hence its name – ‘’reboiled’’.
Another popular dish is ‘’panzanella’’ , a delicious summer salad made using days’ old bread soaked in water and tightly strained , with celery ,onion, tomatoes and fresh basil, and served with a good drizzling of olive oil ,salt and pepper.
We must not forget ‘’bruschette’’- slices of bread topped with garlic and the best olive oil ,or liver paté . Also ‘’fettunta’’ ,toasted bread with olive oil and garlic.
In this area Chianina meat is much loved,and one of the favourites is mixed roasted meat with sausages and spare ribs, as well as game such as wild boar from Monticiano.The ‘’cinta senese’’ pigs are raised in a semi wild state and fed on mainly natural products. The salamis ‘’capocollo’’ and ‘’ finocchiona’’ produced from these animals is out of this world.

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