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It could have 123 rooms

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
They are admired and worshipped like gods and everything they do ,even buying a home ,becomes news.According to some reports in the American press,David and Victoria Beckham have set their sights on a luxury villa in Los Angeles with 123 rooms and a selling price of 22 million dollars.Besides the already existing tennis court and swimming pool,the couple would love to add a cat walk area where Victoria’s latest designs can be modelled as well as adding plenty of special areas for their kids and their friends,including a dance studio for little Harper and a recording studio for Cruz ,who at the age of 11 has already released a single.
There is no need to go abroad to find such magnificent homes - Italy can also boast properties worthy of a king!The historical residence La Fortezza is one example. This perfectly renovated country home is nestling in the hills with spectacular views of San

Bedroom trends

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
It may not be the room in the house where we spend most of our time,but the bedroom has to be one of the most important rooms in the house.It’s where we start our days, and it’s the last place we see before we close our eyes at night.For this reason,it needs to be welcoming,elegant and airy.
Choosing the lighting for the bedroom isn’t an easy task;it should strike the balance between being functional and atmospheric.The colour of the walls is important as is the position of the furniture,depending on the direction of natural light.It’s better not to choose white walls,but go for pastel shades such as light blue or green.If you’re lucky enough to live in a traditional country home with original stone walls, go with the trend to leave part of the stone walls visible.
If you have a spacious bedroom,you could try placing the bed in the centre of the room and then adding floor lamps around the

15 million dollar auction

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
The Dubai Helitrope company were the declared winners of the auction for the spectacular castle of Sammezzano (FI) with their successful bid of 15,4 million euros.This stunning castle is in Leccio,in the district of Reggello ,Florence.It has been in a state of disrepair for a number of years, and the search for a potential buyer with an eye to restoring this property to its former glory has been on- going for quite a while.
This 18th century Moor –inspired castle, which used to belong to the Ximenes D’Aragona family,boasts splendid mosaics and domed ceilings with intersecting arches .It was Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes D’Aragona himself in the second part of the 1800’s who transformed the already existing building into what it is today,following the fashion of that period for oriental –style design.At the end of the 1990’s an Italo English company set their sights on it with plans to

Living in a small Tuscan village

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
There are so many people who decide to give up life in the city for a slower pace of life in the country,surrounded by nature.Whatever the reason, Tuscany can offer so many picturesque hamlets where you can live the dream and find true peace and quiet.Let’s look at some of these together.
1. Montepulciano , home to Nobile red wine, this quintessential Tuscan town welcomes visitors from all over the world who appreciate the busy calender of cultural events that the town offers.
2. If ancient history is your thing ,then Chiusi is just the place for you.In its narrow streets you can still feel the presence of the Etruscan people.
3. Chianciano Terme,famous for its thermal spas and its old quarter with stunning views over the surrounding hills.
4. If you’re a fan of thermal spas, then San Casciano dei Bagni could be the place you’re looking for.As well as the renowned spa resort, you can

How to make the most of your outdoor space

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
With the summer right on our doorstep, now is the time to start thinking about how to organise your outdoor space to suit your living requirements. We’ve compiled a list of useful tips on how to organise and furnish your garden in the best way possible.
1. One of the first things you should consider is the actual space you have and then to split it up in a strategic way.You’ll want to think about how you intend to use this space – is it for organising al fresco lunches or dinner parties or is it just for relaxing? – and then divide it up according to your needs.
2. It’s really important to consider the issue of direct sunlight and shade.If our garden has the sun shining on it all day ,then we can probably use it more in the spring and autumn ,but during the long summer months we’ll probably use it more in the evenings.On the other hand, if it is relatively shady we’ll be making the

The Val d’Orcia attracts home buyers from all over the world.

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
Economic crisis or not, those who are looking to buy a stunning country home usually think of Tuscany ,or more precisely the stunning area in the south of the province of Siena known all over the world for its breathtaking countryside .We are talking about the Val d’Orcia.
There is an ever –increasing number of foreigners who choose to leave their homeland and pursue a life -long dream of buying a property in this much sought- after part of the world, to use either as a holiday home or to open a hotel.
The Val d’Orcia is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the following reasons:
● The Val d’Orcia is an exceptional example of how the natural landscape was used in the Renaissance period to reflect the principles of “good government” and at the same time to create an asthetic model.
● The countryside of the Val d’Orcia was adored by painters of the Sienese school which bloomed

The best places

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
How many of you have watched a movie and dreamed of being able to actually see that particular villa or elegantly furnished appartment or of strolling through the garden?This is quite natural as the actual setting is a fundamental part of the film and at times it just stays in our hearts.Here are some properties that have also made cinema history.
In the province of Viterbo we have the house that appeared in the film ‘’Le meraviglie’’ by Alice Rohrwacher, which won the Grand Prix special jury prize at the Cannes film festival in 2014.In Cortina d’Ampezzo there is the villa which was made famous twice over,firstly in the 1963 film ‘’The Pink Panther’’ starring David Niven and Peter Sellers ,and once again in 1981 in the unforgettable Bond movie ‘’For your eyes only’’ starring the recently departed Roger Moore in the role of the of the most famous secret agents in the U.K. and starring

Mini and the architects

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
For Design Week in Milan,Mini and New York architects SO-11 designed the Living –Breath concept, a visionary solution to create liveable spaces in over - chaotic cities.Welcome to Living –Breath, a house for up to 3 people in 50 sq metres.
Living-Breath has a modular metallic framework covered with a flexible transparent material, making maximum use of vertical space. On the ground floor there is a kitchen which also serves as a general living area.On the upper floors there is space for sleeping and working divided onto 3 levels.The rooms have walls made from a semi-transparent material so you can just barely make out the movements in the next room and so privacy is guaranteed. There is even a terraced style garden and a container to catch the rain water.
This innovative concept undoubledly looses its appeal when put next to the fabulous homes you can find in Tuscany and Umbria where

A trendy investment

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
Buying a dream home in Tuscany is one of the most popular investments. Now just because Tuscany appeals in a way that no other place in Italy or indeed the world does,but also because buying a property in Tuscany means investing in a certain quality of life,opting for a peaceful home surrounded by stunning countryside far away from the stresses and strains of modern life.
It is for this reason that the property market for this sector hasn’t suffered in the economic crisis, and that more people than ever are coming to Tuscany looking for their dream home.It isn’t easy to find your dream home.How can you navigate these waters?We have put together some top tips for you.
1. First of all it’s really important to find the right estate agent,someone from the area with first hand insider knowledge of the best places and with competence and professionalism.
2. It’s really important to have

An increase in the demand for financial help

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
Italians are starting to have more faith in the property market and there is an increase of activity.In the first months of 2017 there was a rise in requests for financial services needed to buy a property.According to the mortgage data from and ,in the first three months of 2017 there was a 17% increase in demand for mortgages and further encouragement given by the fact that the granting of mortgages was up by 21% from the same period last year.
But what are Italians looking for exactly?The average financial request is for a sum of 130.000 euros to buy a property worth 224.000 euros.For the first time in years,the fixed rate 21 year mortgage is the most sought after.The average age of clients is about 40.
Regarding Tuscany in particular most Italian buyers are looking for appartments in old historic quarters,while foreign buyers are looking for luxury villas

Buying a Tuscan hamlet

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
If you are looking for the ideal Tuscan hamlet with the aim of setting up a hotel business, then today we are going to share a link with you for a very special place : (/borgo-in-vendita-in –toscana-ristrutturato—62|Podere Casole).This fascinating hamlet has been completely renovated and represents the ideal place for the most idyllic Tuscan holiday . Nestling in a hill amongst oak,holm and chestnut trees,the whole effect is a warm and welcoming country residence.The renovation work carried out was to the highest standard using original material and respecting local craftsmanship.
This splendid property,immersed in 10 hectares of land with olive trees and plenty of green spaces, is not too far away from some of the best known places to visit,including the Abbey of San Galgano and some of the famous art cities such as San Gimignano,Siena or Florence.
This is surely the ideal place

What you should ask your estate agent

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
Buying a home,whether or not it is your first,is certainly not something to be taken lightly.One of the most important things you can do is find professional people who can provide you with a complete top quality service.It’s also important to know just what you should be asking your estate agent.We’ve put together some things you should bear in mind.
● Let the estate agent know exactly what you need – is it a main home or a holiday home for a large family, or maybe a place to set up a business?This information really helps the estate agent to come up with the right proposals.
● Each to his own space.Do you need a home for a large family with young children or are you a young couple looking for a place for romantic getaways ?If it is the latter,the space you require will be a lot different from the demands of a large family.
● Don’t be afraid to ask questions.Ask as many questions

Three ideas from Tamagnini Immobiliare

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
If you dream of buying a stunning Tuscan villa , Tamagnini Immobiliare is just the place you’ve been looking for .Today we want to introduce you to 3 properties that are currently on the market.
Let’s start with La Pomona,an historical villa dating from the 1700’s and situated just outside Arezzo.This elegant spacious home has many typical period features such as a double staircase, is on 3 floors and has 28 rooms. It was recently renovated keeping many of the original features such as the marble fireplaces and tromp d’oeil .
Another gem of a property is Villa Il Poggio near one of the most beautiful villages in Italy – Cetona,in the province of Siena.This elegant country home dates back to the 1600’s ,is on 3 floors,and also has a guest cottage , guard’s cottage and a cellar. In the garden there is a 40 sq metre structure which could be used for storing lemon trees as well as a magnificent

In Italy investments on non- residential properties

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
According to a recent article in the Sole 24 Ore newspaper,Italy has put the economic crisis behind and things are finally looking up.After a few years with a stagnant market,the property sector is moving again.The article tells us that in the next few years it will be the non –residential sector to reap the benefits with over 7 billion euros of investments.We are talking about the office sector , and also urban development ,which will benefit from around 5 billion euros of these investments.
The trend will see people wanting to renovate and convert historic palaces rather than pulling buildings down and starting from scratch. The external front aspects will be left intact but the internal spaces will be completely updated .Obviously the situation isn’t the same all over Italy - this positive trend is visible in Milan and Rome, but not in other Italian cities.
The luxury market deserves

Buying a Tuscan villa

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
Today we want to introduce you to a stunning luxury villa on sale in Montepulciano – La Limonaia.It isn’t far from the historical centre of this attractive Tuscan town famous all over the world for its architecture and its wine.This villa is about 1000 sq metres, immersed in fabulous parkland and enjoys a gorgeous view.Let’s start our virtual tour on the ground floor with the triple living room with glorious stone arches and two beautiful fireplaces.From here you can access the garden with its view of Montepulciano.On this floor there is also a dining room, a spacious kitchen , a pantry and another small living room with a fireplace and vaulted ceilings.A travertine stone staircase leads up to the first floor with its seven bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.On the second floor there is the loft space with further bedrooms plus a bathroom and study located in the characteristic tower and

How to choose the right one for you

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
Buying a property is something that needs to be done carefully and it’s really important to find the right person who can give you all the help and advice you need along the way.So, how do you choose the right person?Let’s have a look at these 10 traits which we think the perfect estate agent should possess.
1 Top of the list – they really need to be competent.A really good estate agent knows everything there is to know about the property he/she is going to show you,right down to the tecnical details.
2 Transparency – a truly great estate agent won’t hide any problems from you but will talk you through them and look for solutions.
3 In third place is the ability to work as part of a team.The fact that he/she knows a lot of stuff doesn’t make him/her expert in every field.Being able to delegate to people with more expertise in certain sectors certainly isn’t something to be regarded

Large crowds and plenty of ideas

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
The Furniture Expo Milan ended on April 9th 2017 and was immediately confirmed as being one of the most important events in the Italian cultural calender.As President Claudio Luti stated: ‘’ A unique moment when culture and the industrial system become an international reference point and virtuous model for an Italy which works.’’ A week full of events attracting high numbers of visitors and exhibitors alike.The figures speak for themselve - 343,602 visitors over 6 days from 165 countries.Numbers which confirm a positive trend and underline what President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said during the inauguration of the 56th edition: ‘’We are witnessing a manifestation not just of a exhibition,but of a business culture ,a symbol of a method of working together and a way of interpreting the modern way of manufacturing .’’ Over 2000 exhibitors took part,bringing ideas,innovation and

2017 trends

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
Blown glass,silk and embroidery are the main protagonists of 2017.A style that regards luxury items as pieces of furniture,where light fittings are in brass,the curtains are in silk and the velvet is jacquard.
In 2017 the trend is for luxury items where tables and chairs become jewels to be admired,the protagonists of rooms,delicate curtains like paintings in a gallery and details that make all the difference.
To furnish a beautiful home,design meets quality craftsmanship creating pieces of furniture which are works of art,one-off pieces that have been made especially for a particular space.
The perfect style for a country home immersed in the Tuscan countryside,impeccably renovated and elegantly furnished, a style that makes all the difference and enhances the owner’s elegance.

Stunning property in Pienza

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
The Val d’orcia with its breathtaking scenery is regarded as the symbol of Tuscany and has become one of the most famous and sought –after places in the world to buy a dream home.Today we would like to show you one of the properties we currently have on the market.Let us take you to Pienza,renowned for its extraordinary location as well as its fascinating history.
The property is just outside the town and boasts stunning views over the Val d’Orcia countryside.This spacious home is on two floors and offers plenty of room.Let’s start on the ground floor with the large kitchen complete with fireplace, a dining room and a t.v. room There is also another living room with a fireplace and a games room with snooker table.
Going up to the first floor and we have another spacious living room with a fireplace and four double bedrooms.The property is immersed in a stunning garden with trees and

5 good reasons to buy a house in Tuscany
Why buy in Tuscany?

published on04/06/2017 sertion Blog
You are looking for a suitable house, but you don’t yet know where to buy? Here are the reasons why you should choose to buy a house in Tuscany:

1) Anyone who has visited Tuscany will have told you how beautiful it is and this could be a good reason, but not everyone thinks about just how accessible this region is. To have a second house in Tuscany in fact will allow you easy access from any part of Italy.
2) Tuscany encompasses all types of landscape; you can find mountainous areas, the famous rolling hills, but also the sea and splendid coastlines. In conclusion, whatever your taste, here you will find something which works for you.
3) In every season of the year, from the largest and most well-known cities, to the smallest hamlets, there are numerous events in which you can take part to amuse yourself, have fun and immerse yourself in the art, culture, theatre and many other things

Buying a house in Tuscany
The most beautiful villages in which to buy a house

published on06/04/2017 sertion Blog
Tuscany remains one of the preferred destinations of tourists from all over the world who, once they have fallen in love with this place of rolling hills and charming villages, choose to buy their second home here, or to relocate themselves on a permanent basis in this beautiful Country. Also, many Italians choose to buy a property in Tuscany in order to spend several days of relaxation far from the city.

Which are the best villages in which to buy a house?

If you love history, art and culture, Tuscany offers a huge array of villages in which you can spend extremely magical moments. For both those who would like an apartment in an historic town
centre, and those who would prefer a farmhouse in the middle of the countryside, the Val d’orcia and the Valdichiana are excellent starting points.

Montepulciano, Pienza, San Quirico, Sarteano and also Chiusi, Cetona and San Casciano
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