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Large crowds and plenty of ideas

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
The Furniture Expo Milan ended on April 9th 2017 and was immediately confirmed as being one of the most important events in the Italian cultural calender.As President Claudio Luti stated: ‘’ A unique moment when culture and the industrial system become an international reference point and virtuous model for an Italy which works.’’ A week full of events attracting high numbers of visitors and exhibitors alike.The figures speak for themselve - 343,602 visitors over 6 days from 165 countries.Numbers which confirm a positive trend and underline what President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said during the inauguration of the 56th edition: ‘’We are witnessing a manifestation not just of a exhibition,but of a business culture ,a symbol of a method of working together and a way of interpreting the modern way of manufacturing .’’ Over 2000 exhibitors took part,bringing ideas,innovation and
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