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History and spas of this etruscan town

published on02/05/2018 sertion Blog
The town’s origins go back to the Etruscan Age , and today its medieval past is still evident.It lies in the province of Siena along the Via Francigena – the old Pilgrim road from Canterbury to Rome and beyond to Jerusalem. It is close to what is now the Cassia road.
It lies on the higher ground that separates Val d’Orcia from the Val d’Asso in a place with breathtaking scenery.The village developed along one main street which was an attractive location for many shops, artisan workshops and inns.A weekly market helped the local economy thanks also to a Bill passed in 1385 allowing exemption from paying duties and taxes. Along the Via Francigena was the Grange of the Santa Maria della Scale Hospital of Siena which served as an agricultural warehouse , and also as a hospital for the pilgrims.In the 1400’s the town’s defence structure was restored and strengthened more than once.

Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia and Maremma

published on02/05/2018 sertion Blog
These three different styles involve the home typology .
The Aretino style usually has a portico and a loggia – a covered outdoor area with arches – whereas the Florentine style has only the portico, whilst the Sienese style is more often than not without the portico. In Val di Chiana and other areas of the Sienese and Aretine Chianti area some homes even have a dovecote.
In the Val d’Orcia ,part of the Siena province and at the foot of Mount Amiata, the countryside is at its most breathtaking; the iconic cypress trees dotting the landscape and lining the dirt tracks leading up to some pretty impressive properties, which in the past were home to wealthy landowners and the peasants who lived in the annex buidings.
In the Maremma area, country homes are more likely to be of the business typology and are more suited to the work of intensive agriculture and cattle raising.
In rural Maremma

Stunning property in Pienza

published on08/02/2018 sertion Blog
The Val d’orcia with its breathtaking scenery is regarded as the symbol of Tuscany and has become one of the most famous and sought –after places in the world to buy a dream home.Today we would like to show you one of the properties we currently have on the market.Let us take you to Pienza,renowned for its extraordinary location as well as its fascinating history.
The property is just outside the town and boasts stunning views over the Val d’Orcia countryside.This spacious home is on two floors and offers plenty of room.Let’s start on the ground floor with the large kitchen complete with fireplace, a dining room and a t.v. room There is also another living room with a fireplace and a games room with snooker table.
Going up to the first floor and we have another spacious living room with a fireplace and four double bedrooms.The property is immersed in a stunning garden with trees and

Buying a Tuscan villa

published on08/02/2018 sertion Blog
Today we want to introduce you to a stunning luxury villa on sale in Montepulciano – La Limonaia.It isn’t far from the historical centre of this attractive Tuscan town famous all over the world for its architecture and its wine.This villa is about 1000 sq metres, immersed in fabulous parkland and enjoys a gorgeous view.Let’s start our virtual tour on the ground floor with the triple living room with glorious stone arches and two beautiful fireplaces.From here you can access the garden with its view of Montepulciano.On this floor there is also a dining room, a spacious kitchen , a pantry and another small living room with a fireplace and vaulted ceilings.A travertine stone staircase leads up to the first floor with its seven bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.On the second floor there is the loft space with further bedrooms plus a bathroom and study located in the characteristic tower and

Incentivi per il recupero dei casali
Una proposta di legge per il recupero dei ruderi

published on06/02/2018 sertion Blog
The region of Tuscany gives financial aid to those wishing to renovate abandoned country homes in rural areas.This was laid out in a law approved by the regional government in Tuscany and aimed at avoiding using new land to build when older properties could be renovated.
The President of the Tuscany region says: ‘’ Protecting our countryside means both not building indiscriminately and both renovating the many splendid properties that are part of our architectural heritage in the countryside, which we often see in abandoned conditions.The aim of this law is to encourage people to carry out renovation and reconstruction work on these abandoned properties and by doing so avoid using new land,. This is not to be applied in those places which are at a higher hydraulic or geomorphic risk.’’
The regional councillor for the landscape Vincenzo Ceccarelli adds: ‘’With this law we can establish

A medieval village

published on05/02/2018 sertion Blog
The medieval hamlet is characterised by a group of houses and a huge thermal pool occupying its main square.This is all that remains of the castle belonging to the Amerighi family that already existed in the eleventh century ad.
Today all that remains of the castle Vignoni Alto dominates the ridge overlooking the village.Bagno Vignoni lies 3 kilometres to the south of San Quirco d’Orcia and boasts some of the best views over the surrounding countryside including the nearby village of Rocca d’Orcia with its splendid fortress, once a castle belonging to the Aldobrandeschi family.
Bagno Vignoni is famous for its thermal springs with 52 ° water. The alkaline water is rich in bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium and carbonate properties, making it ideal for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and neurite.The thermal water was used by the Romans, and later by Pope Pius II and Lorenzo

Living in a small Tuscan village

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
There are so many people who decide to give up life in the city for a slower pace of life in the country,surrounded by nature.Whatever the reason, Tuscany can offer so many picturesque hamlets where you can live the dream and find true peace and quiet.Let’s look at some of these together.
1. Montepulciano , home to Nobile red wine, this quintessential Tuscan town welcomes visitors from all over the world who appreciate the busy calender of cultural events that the town offers.
2. If ancient history is your thing ,then Chiusi is just the place for you.In its narrow streets you can still feel the presence of the Etruscan people.
3. Chianciano Terme,famous for its thermal spas and its old quarter with stunning views over the surrounding hills.
4. If you’re a fan of thermal spas, then San Casciano dei Bagni could be the place you’re looking for.As well as the renowned spa resort, you can

Buying a Tuscan hamlet

published on17/06/2017 sertion Blog
If you are looking for the ideal Tuscan hamlet with the aim of setting up a hotel business, then today we are going to share a link with you for a very special place : (/borgo-in-vendita-in –toscana-ristrutturato—62|Podere Casole).This fascinating hamlet has been completely renovated and represents the ideal place for the most idyllic Tuscan holiday . Nestling in a hill amongst oak,holm and chestnut trees,the whole effect is a warm and welcoming country residence.The renovation work carried out was to the highest standard using original material and respecting local craftsmanship.
This splendid property,immersed in 10 hectares of land with olive trees and plenty of green spaces, is not too far away from some of the best known places to visit,including the Abbey of San Galgano and some of the famous art cities such as San Gimignano,Siena or Florence.
This is surely the ideal place

Three ideas from Tamagnini Immobiliare

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
If you dream of buying a stunning Tuscan villa , Tamagnini Immobiliare is just the place you’ve been looking for .Today we want to introduce you to 3 properties that are currently on the market.
Let’s start with La Pomona,an historical villa dating from the 1700’s and situated just outside Arezzo.This elegant spacious home has many typical period features such as a double staircase, is on 3 floors and has 28 rooms. It was recently renovated keeping many of the original features such as the marble fireplaces and tromp d’oeil .
Another gem of a property is Villa Il Poggio near one of the most beautiful villages in Italy – Cetona,in the province of Siena.This elegant country home dates back to the 1600’s ,is on 3 floors,and also has a guest cottage , guard’s cottage and a cellar. In the garden there is a 40 sq metre structure which could be used for storing lemon trees as well as a magnificent

In Italy investments on non- residential properties

published on16/06/2017 sertion Blog
According to a recent article in the Sole 24 Ore newspaper,Italy has put the economic crisis behind and things are finally looking up.After a few years with a stagnant market,the property sector is moving again.The article tells us that in the next few years it will be the non –residential sector to reap the benefits with over 7 billion euros of investments.We are talking about the office sector , and also urban development ,which will benefit from around 5 billion euros of these investments.
The trend will see people wanting to renovate and convert historic palaces rather than pulling buildings down and starting from scratch. The external front aspects will be left intact but the internal spaces will be completely updated .Obviously the situation isn’t the same all over Italy - this positive trend is visible in Milan and Rome, but not in other Italian cities.
The luxury market deserves

Positive trends in 2017 - also in Tuscany

published on03/04/2017 sertion Blog
The housing market seems to have finally returned to a positive trend and at the close of 2016,
according to Nomisma, with an increase in transactions equal to 16.3% in comparison with those of the previous year.

Prospects are rosy therefore, for 2017 which starts as the year to relaunch housing markets and as the experts are predicting, to register an increase in the buyers in comparison to 2016, a trend
already seen in the first few months of the year. Separate discussions remain, but as always, the luxury housing market is continuing to lead the way and which sees Italy always as the most sought after Country alongside all of southern Europe. With France, Spain and Portugal, in fact, Italy
continues to be the most popular destination for the foreign investors who are searching in
particular for houses in the country, villas and luxury apartments, with an average spend amounting
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