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A medieval village

A medieval village

The medieval hamlet is characterised by a group of houses and a huge thermal pool occupying its main square.This is all that remains of the castle belonging to the Amerighi family that already existed in the eleventh century ad.
Today all that remains of the castle Vignoni Alto dominates the ridge overlooking the village.Bagno Vignoni lies 3 kilometres to the south of San Quirco d’Orcia and boasts some of the best views over the surrounding countryside including the nearby village of Rocca d’Orcia with its splendid fortress, once a castle belonging to the Aldobrandeschi family.
Bagno Vignoni is famous for its thermal springs with 52 ° water. The alkaline water is rich in bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium and carbonate properties, making it ideal for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and neurite.The thermal water was used by the Romans, and later by Pope Pius II and Lorenzo the Magnificent.
The thermal water comes out of the ground and has fed the large pool in the main square since the 1500’s. The spa water is used for bathing, and also for mud baths (great for treating rheumatic and nevralgic illnesses), as well as inhalation treatments for ear ,nose and throat inflammation, plus gynecological problems.
The village itself developed around the main pool . Not far from the main square is the Parco dei Mulini - Park of the Windmills, once the site of several windmills near the river which were used to irrigate the land .Today it is possible to visit this area and see some of the mills which were active up until the 1950’s.

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