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For the farm manager's and the farm workers

For the farm manager's and the farm workers

The first rural homes in Tuscany date back to the 1500’s when farming families started living in homes built especially for them. These homes were usually built in pre - existing workers’ cottages ,remote outposts or watchtowers from the Middle Ages and which were then incorporated into the new buildings.
In the 1700’s farming reforms in the Gran Duchy of Tuscany led to the construction of new homes and farms as well as the renovation of older properties. In 1770 Ferdinando Morozzi published a treaty on farmers’ cottages in Tuscany ,giving an important insight into the world of rural homes.
During the 1990’s the phenomenon of urbanisation led to a gradual migration of people from the countryside to the cities and as a result many rural homes fell into a state of abandonment.Fortunately however in the second half of the last century a new surge of interest led to the rediscovery of rural Tuscan homes thanks mainly to the steady stream of visitors – mainly English and German – who invested their savings in the Chianti area around Florence and Siena, transforming the abandoned homes into beautiful family properties or ‘agriturismo’ – the rural Bed and Breakfasts often located on a family- run farm.Gradually the rest of the region was drawn into this process and the magnificently renovated rural country home has become a prominent feature of the Tuscan landscape.
Depending on their original use,rural country properties usually fall into two typologies – private family homes or small businesses.
Family homes have a single building with a rustic ground floor living area and bedrooms on the first floor.
Small businesses have a main building used as the family home and separate buildings which were once used as farming annexes.
What is more,each part of Tuscany is characterised by its own typical features . The homes tend to have a rectangular floor plan and sometimes an external staircase which leads up to the entrance on the first floor.

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