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In Italy investments on non- residential properties

In  Italy investments on non- residential properties

According to a recent article in the Sole 24 Ore newspaper,Italy has put the economic crisis behind and things are finally looking up.After a few years with a stagnant market,the property sector is moving again.The article tells us that in the next few years it will be the non –residential sector to reap the benefits with over 7 billion euros of investments.We are talking about the office sector , and also urban development ,which will benefit from around 5 billion euros of these investments.
The trend will see people wanting to renovate and convert historic palaces rather than pulling buildings down and starting from scratch. The external front aspects will be left intact but the internal spaces will be completely updated .Obviously the situation isn’t the same all over Italy - this positive trend is visible in Milan and Rome, but not in other Italian cities.
The luxury market deserves a special mention as it continues to attract buyers from all over the world who regard Italy as one of the key areas for investments in luxury villas and country homes.As always,Tuscany remains one of the favourite places, but other areas are also receiving more attention from both Italian and overseas investors.

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