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Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia and Maremma

Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia and Maremma

These three different styles involve the home typology .
The Aretino style usually has a portico and a loggia – a covered outdoor area with arches – whereas the Florentine style has only the portico, whilst the Sienese style is more often than not without the portico. In Val di Chiana and other areas of the Sienese and Aretine Chianti area some homes even have a dovecote.
In the Val d’Orcia ,part of the Siena province and at the foot of Mount Amiata, the countryside is at its most breathtaking; the iconic cypress trees dotting the landscape and lining the dirt tracks leading up to some pretty impressive properties, which in the past were home to wealthy landowners and the peasants who lived in the annex buidings.
In the Maremma area, country homes are more likely to be of the business typology and are more suited to the work of intensive agriculture and cattle raising.
In rural Maremma the main building was the family home and the secondary outhouses were used as granaries, stables and a variety of farming annexes. In some rural Maremma homes it is still possible to see the Spanish influence which was often integrated with the traditional local style.This is especially so in the area just to the south of Grossetto where up until the first half of the 1800’s the area around Argentario belonged to the State of Principals.
In the northern and eastern inland areas along with the Maremma area around Grossetto, the buildings show the Sienese style.
In some cases a cypress and pine tree lined dirt track leads up to the country property.

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